PN Program

Gainful employment

Pursue a career in nursing after completing a 12 month program and passing the PN Licensure Exam. Develop skills needed to perform duties such as taking vital signs, collecting samples, administering medication, and ensuring patient comfort. Applicants must take TEAS Entrance Exam. The PN Program begins in August and runs through the end of June annually. State and nationally recognized, this program is the right step to your future.

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Practical Nursing Program

Gainful Employment

Pursue a career in nursing after completing a 12 month program and passing the PN Licensure Exam. Develop skills needed to perform duties such as taking vital signs, collecting samples, administering medication, and ensuring patient comfort. State and nationally recognized, this program is the right step to your future.

PN Program

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The JDRCC Virtual Financial Aid Office is here to assist you in planning and preparing for your future. It is our mission to help you with any financial aid questions you may have and be there for any problems you may have along the way. Follow the link below to see the available options and assistance JDRCC has for you. 

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Use our Net Price Calculator as a guide to assist in early financial planning for college. This calculator will provide a preliminary estimate of federal, state and institutional aid eligibility, to help families gauge what aid the student may be awarded and to make arrangements to cover the cost of attendance.


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Course Subjects


Fundamentals of Nursing Nutrition


Family Living Obstetrics


Pharmacology Pediatrics


Geriatric Nursing


IV Certification in conjunction with LPNAO


Social Sciences Mental Health


Medical-Surgical Nursing

Course Information

Program Information

Eligibility Requirements: How To Prepare For PN School At JDR4

1. High School diploma or GED
2. Successful completion of pre-admission examination
3. Stable physical and mental health; physical required
4. Sincere interest in providing health care
5. Must pass drug screening and criminal background check

Computer Literacy
CPR Certification
Medical Terminology

Students in High School:

Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Advanced Math, and any Health Occupation Classes

PN Program Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Practical Nursing Program, the graduate will:

1. Access basic physical, emotional, and cultural needs of the client.

2. Collect data from available resources, including client, family, health care records, health care team members, established protocols, and guidelines.

3. Document collected data accurately and concisely.

4. Use effective communication when reporting and recording client observations to the appropriate health care professional.

5. Protect the client and family’s rights to privacy and dignity.

6. Utilize knowledge of normal values to identify deviations in health status.

7. Assist the client and significant others in the normal expected stages of growth and development from conception through advanced old age.

8. Provide safe and effective care and comfort for the client, according to accepted standards of nursing practice.

9. Provide care to clients within the Practical Nurses scope of practice, collaborating with health care team members to coordinate delivery of nursing care.

10. Facilitate the client’s ability to cope, adapt AND/or problem solve situations related to illness, or stressful events.

11. Administer medications and monitor clients receiving parenteral therapies.

12. Develop nursing care plans utilizing established nursing diagnoses for clients with common, well-defined health problems.

13. Prioritize nursing care needs of client.

14. Recognize the client’s potential and initiate preventive measures for complications related to treatments, procedures, or existing conditions.

15. Modify nursing approach based on evaluation of clients response.

16. Seek guidelines as needed in evaluating nursing care.

17. Revise nursing care plan utilizing criteria established in collaboration with health team members.

18. Instruct client, based on client’s needs and nurse’s level of knowledge, about health promoting and disease preventive practices, and early detection of health.

19. Comply with the scope of practice as outlined in Licensed Practical Nurse Practice Act of West Virginia.

20. Describe the role of the Licensed Practical Nurse in the health care delivery system.

21. Demonstrate responsibility for continuous personal and professional growth and education.

22. Recognize personal potential and consider career mobility options.

23. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate oneself for the purpose of improving work performance.

24. Subscribe to the essential components of the nurse’s code of ethics.

25. Function as an advocate for the health care consumer.


• Hospitals
• Physician’s Offices
• Clinics
• Geriatric Centers
• Nursing Homes
• Rehabilitation Centers

The Admission Policy provides a record of the requirements and procedures necessary for an applicant to qualify for admission. The requirements are in accordance with the admission requirements recommended by the West Virginia State Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nursing. Applications will be taken throughout the year and you will be notified by phone regarding the testing date.

Please obtain an Admission Packet in the JDRCC Main Office:
Application Policy Handbook Reference Sheets (x3)

Employment Opportunities

At the end of the program the students will be eligible to sit for the LPN Licensure Exam.
Clinical to take place at Weirton Medical Center, East Liverpool City Hospital, Weirton Geriatric Center, The Stone Pear Pavilion and Calcutta Health Care.

PN Program Cost Breakdown

*Tuition $ 7000.00
Includes NCLEX Test: $ 285.00-$ 350.00 (Depends on the state of licensure)
ATI Review throughout year and $100.00 toward on-site review
Student Fees: Lab Fee: $ 35.00
Books: $ 800.00 (aprox)
Uniforms: $ 126.00 (aprox)
*Pre-Admission Fee $ 25.00
* Pre-entrance exam: $ 45.00
*Finger Print $ 34.00 (aprox)
Total $ 1065.00 Total: $ 8065.00
White hose/socks
White Shoes
Watch with second hand
Nursing Pin: $ 47.00
Total: $ 47.00
Total Aprox. Expense for LPN Training and Licensure: $ 8112.00
*All fees that will need to be paid prior to the first day of school as required for admission into the PN program.
Written: 02/03
Revised: 02/03;02/05;02/07; 02/11;05/13;05/14;05/15;05/16;05/17;05/18;05/19;05/20

Reviewed Yearly: 5/21 – 5/22


Financial Assistance:

Ashley Witherow, Financial Aide Officer
304-564-9006 ext: 2734

Northern Panhandle Workforce
Ohio Workforce Systems
Stafford Loans and Pell Grants

Gainful Employment

Practical Nursing, Vocational Nursing and Nursing Assistants, Other

Program Level – Undergraduate certificate

Program Length – 12 months

Q. How much will this program cost me?*

A. Tuition and fees: $7,473.00

On-campus room & board: not offered

What other costs are there for this program?1

For further program cost information, click here.

* The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion. Note that this information is subject to change.

Q. What financing options are available to help me pay for this program?

A. Financing for this program may be available through grants, scholarships, loans (federal and private) and institutional financing plans. The median amount of debt for program graduates is shown below:

Federal loans: $10,783

Private education loans: $0

Institutional financing plan: $0

Q. How long will it take me to complete this program?

A. The program is designed to take 12 months to complete. Of those that completed the program in 2016-2017, 100% finished in 12 months.

For more information on jobs related to this program. 5

For additional information related to this program and/or the information provided above. 3

 1 Other costs for this program 

No additional information provided

2 Job Placement Rate Information

Name of the accrediting agency this placement rate is calculated for:

COE/ West Virginia LPN State Board of Nursing

Who is included in the calculation of this rate?

COE – January 2020 – December 2020 and WV State LPN State Board of Nursing – August 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

What types of jobs were these students placed in?

The job placement rate includes completers hired for: Jobs within the fieldsPositions that recent completers were hired for include: Practical Nursing Jobs, CNA jobs

When were the former students employed?

Between 3-9 weeks

How were completers tracked?

Students notified us via phone or text due to class size. A 6 month survey was recently sent to students which we are awaiting response

3 Additional information related to this program and/or the information provided above

JDRCC is fully accredited by The West Virginia LPN State Board of Nursing and COE. We offer Pell Grants and SUB/UNSUB loans to those who qualify. The JDRCC currently has a 96% overall pass rate- the last two years being 100%.

4 More information on jobs related to this program

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses

Nursing Assistants

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate

1st Time Exam Pass Rate

School of Practical Nursing

Instructors & Office Hours


Ashley Witherow, RN, BSN, MS

Donna Frischkorn, RN, BSN, MS

Jamie Starkey, RN, BSN

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 2:30 pm

Contact to Schedule Appointments


What Our Students Say

Graduating the PN Program at JDRCC allowed me to work full-time while I pursued my dream to become a Registered Nurse. I couldn’t have done it without this program!


Jack Allison

Completing the Practical Nursing Program was one of the hardest things I have ever done, and it was more than worth it. My job now allows me to better provide a better life for my children.


Austin Kendall

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Obtain the skills needed to pursue careers in Practical Nursing in just 12 months.

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